Textile machinery sprinkler Main features


Qingdao Jindefeng Textile Machinery Co.,Ltds a high-pressure water and sustenance of friction between the yarns, to launch high-speed RESOLVED shed to complete weft weft insertion initiatives. Qingdao Textile Machinery water jet loom with low noise, low weaving cost, high speed, high efficiency and universal application. Up to now the number of three-color weft. It can be a variety of hydrophobic nonwoven fabric, especially suitable for the production of large quantities of fabric.

Water jet loom tension from the rack, the main transmission system, weft insertion system, opening system, beating the system, sent by the system, winding system, selvage devices, scissors device, hold the cloth, silk waste deal with agencies and lubrication system and control system and other components.

Tight layout water jet loom as follows:

(1) weft insertion system: as usual bundle of receiving high-pressure pumps and nozzles, a single pump and double-pump two forms.

(2) opening system: as usual crank rod receiving opening and dobby opening, also receiving cam opening mechanism.

(3) beating the system: as usual admission four-bar linkage beating.

(4) warp system: as usual admission rigid let-off mechanism or electronic delivery mechanism.

(5) coiling system: continuous positive take-up mechanism, it can be equipped with electronic winding mechanism.

(6) selvage apparatus: rope wheel mounted planetary selvage institutions.

(7) Scissors means: as usual admission intercept rigid formula, but also with an electric interception.

(8) hold the cloth: a stationary or floating weave the cloth mouth, walking cloth fabric on the lower deck to accept or temple, or the whole width of the temple.

(9) deal with agencies silk waste: RESOLVED twisting spindle will cut abandoned after twisting side out.

(10) Lubrication system: tension transmission system receiving oil bath lubrication, parts department admitted manual hand pump or periodic lubrication.

(11) Control system: Admission MCU microcomputer control system and PLC or PCC control system, with the detection and control results.