Advantages of water jet loom.


1, low energy consumption, to meet the needs of high-speed weaving

You can meet the needs of high-speed water jet loom weaving, weft insertion rate SSJ series of water jet looms large 2000 m / min, compared with other loom weft insertion rate is the highest, and each weft power consumption of only 0.2 kg / m, is the other 1/5 of the loom. The main power water jet loom only 3KW, which saves energy, with tons of bagging, for example, its power consumption is only 180KW when tons of fabric.

2, a wide range of applications, can be woven high density wire line

Water jet loom weaving adapt to all non-absorbent fabric, wide adaptation range. Mainly used in woven polypropylene, polyethylene, synthetic fibers and other specifications of the fabric, it is the latest weaving machinery, it can weave flat yarn of high linear density.

3, water jet loom woven surface relatively flat

Water jet loom woven surface relatively flat, which is due to a high pressure water jet loom weft insertion, each weft tension uniform, which uses steel buckle beating, no weft arc, bending, jumping deduction Appearance quality defects, so the water jet loom cloth smooth appearance.

4, easy to operate, a person can look after several machines

Because the use of water-jet weft insertion, do not need to replace the shuttle and the shuttle, other operations also convenient, simple process changes. Because of water to eliminate static electricity, so little warp broken wires, can achieve more than one person in a water jet loom, save a lot of manpower. And water-jet loom weft spindles diameter of 180 mm or more, in the case of less than 85 mm in diameter than the spindles, which can effectively reduce the workers before the procedure drawing 50 percent of the burden.