Wastewater treatment water jet loom small coup


Qingdao water jet loom http://runzefangji.com/ production line by the plant discharged wastewater sewers, brought together to regulate cell mounted grille, remove large particles of suspended solids, and regulate waste water, uniform quality, while adjust the pool with a small amount of aeration wastewater mixed well and prevent sludge deposition in the conditioning tank and then upgrade to diatomite reaction device via a pump, diatomite treatment agent is first added to trace water treatment equipment, and instantly dispersed in waste water, followed by agglomeration into larger floc flowers, by gravity settling to the bottom. While the reaction cell to form a layer of active sludge layer, removal of some soluble substances and other contaminants with good results, the final effluent discharge to meet the design requirements. Diatomite reaction device periodically discharge sludge into the sludge thickener, dewatering and drying equipment by dehydration treatment, the filtrate returned to the conditioning tank.

2, diatomite wastewater characteristics

On the current diatomite in water jet loom wastewater treatment has the following characteristics:

(1) The process is simple

Diatomite water treatment technology as its enhanced primary treatment technology process is very simple. Its main facilities are improved clarifier, mixed reaction, adsorption, flocculation and filtration are completed here.

Less (2) Project Investment

In a sewage treatment plant in 2006 1000 tons / day, for example, using traditional technology, with a total investment of about one million yuan, while the use of this technology, just more than 40 million yuan, down 60%.

(3) low operating costs

Using the traditional process operating cost is generally about 1.0 yuan / m3, while the use of this technology in the operating cost is about 0.40 yuan / m3.

(4) Small footprint

Because of this advanced process technology, less equipment required, thus small footprint.

Small (5) Noise Pollution

Since diatomite water treatment technology does not use a large fan noise source intensity, and therefore less impact on the sound environment.

(6) The treated wastewater can be reused.