Modern jet looms automatic control system analysis


Modern jet looms with its high-speed, high-quality, high efficiency, high level of automation monitoring "four high" characteristics, has become the fastest growing non-woven machine models, has become the textile enterprises to expand production scale machine of choice type. Because selection requires, we focused on four types of foreign-jet looms currently on the market, Japan's Toyota and Tsudakoma JAT710 Zax-N, Belgium's Picanol OMNI-plus and Italy Somet's Mythos-TEC conducted an investigation, through technical exchanges with the manufacturer, also toured the use of manufacturers (Zax-N just produced, there are no users to see only in the exhibition), understand the performance characteristics of the above four kinds of air-jet looms now it is explained.

1, in the opening mechanism, the European models have air-jet looms positive type opening mechanism. Japanese models in the negative opening has advantages, such as Toyota and Tsudakoma companies have their own production of negative-type opening cam, of course, they should also be able to request the use of positive-type opening mechanism. Present positive STAUBLI cam generally use the T1661, but somet newest Mythos-TEC jet loom is FIMTEXTILE ME. STAUBLI dobby generally use the 2861 or 2871.2871 is the production of high-speed type STAUBLI dobby.

Positive and negative style opening ceremony opening is expensive compared to its disadvantage, the energy consumption of air-jet looms larger when the variety makes over some of the workload. One of its advantages in favor of the weft insertion (more than 280 apparent width); Second, it helps thick woven fabrics; Third, high heddle movement precision and good stability; Fourth, actively cam can reverse tissue General (asymmetric Cam is not available); five are negative cam function can not be achieved - Fully automatic leveling, automatic leveling function is mechanized weaving twill or satin fabric, after stopping in each heald frames can be automatically placed in substantially the same height, so substantial elimination of the sheets of warp tension difference, help reduce the production of fabric parking stalls.

Electronic dobby than active cam has more advantages. It not only eliminates the need to change the cam to turn the heavy work, and can freely set the level of mechanized angle can also be set for each weft heddle movement, it is possible more complex patterns woven tissue.

It is worth mentioning that Toyota and Tsudakoma have developed their own electronic opening device. Electronic opening Compared with electronic Dobby, technically one step further. Electronic opening page is a servo motor control heddle, which not only can be set free per heddle movement, but also free to set the level mechanized time and angle of repose of heald frames per page, thus greatly improving the adaptability of species . Of course, air-jet looms expensive electronic opening, maintenance, technical requirements, operating costs are high.

2, the weft insertion mechanism

Jet loom weft insertion is the most complex part. Jet looms recent technological advances are electronically controlled air jet loom advances in technology, and electronic control technology is the most improved weft insertion control technology.

We mentioned herein four kinds of air-jet looms to achieve 8-color weft selection, but this time due to the greatly reduced rate, coupled with the use of special shaped reed and other problems brought about higher costs, the benefits and rapier Compared to no advantage at all, so the actual use with six-color weft more rare.

Weft feeder yarn Common type and sub-type (force feed yarn type) two, the former yarn closely packed, there is space between the latter yarn, avoiding the intertwining between the yarns, particularly suitable for long yarn hairiness wire weaving, such as wool yarn. Four kinds of air-jet looms can configure both weft feeder, where OMNI-plus loom weft feeder also automatically switch system, only the weft feeder when a weft insertion failure occurs, it automatically switches from dual-channel to single-channel work without the need for parking, it is helpful to improve efficiency.

Now more and more high speed air jet loom, weft insertion rate is growing accordingly. In this case the air-jet looms, the installation of auxiliary main nozzle becomes necessary. Auxiliary main nozzle is: the weft accelerated with a lower pressure to prevent damage of the weft, even under conditions likely to cause the weft affordable ultra-fast or wide weaving, etc., can also be less stable operation weft . JAT710 and Zax-N series of auxiliary main nozzles horn, this structure to achieve a high weft propulsion low pressure state.

OMNI-plus use of the "modular weft insertion system", which refers to its main nozzle, the auxiliary main nozzle, weft, etc. is completely modular, you can always increase or decrease their number and operation is very simple, but also repairs very convenient, the next upgrade to the multi-color weft are no longer troublesome.

Four kinds of models have weft braking device, but the name of each are different. Is the OMNI-plus "program weft tension controller" is "ABS" on JAT710, is "WBS" on Zax-N, is "an electronically controlled yarn tension device" on Mythos-TEC. The principle of these weft brake device is basically the same, are at the end of the weft insertion of the weft speed down in order to reduce the huge transient when tension suddenly stopped, thereby reducing the chances of weft. This means the air jet loom loom high speed (800rpm) wide on the loom and the effect is obvious, especially when using lower weft powerful effect is more significant.

In order to reduce gas consumption, each deputy spray nozzle solenoid valves control the number of deputy relative reduction, Mythos-TEC and MNI-PLUS a vice spray valves would control only two sub-nozzles. JAJAT710 installed on the latest development of Toyota's small loom high sensitivity solenoid valve, which valve chamber volume than the original 85% reduction, power consumption is reduced by 15%, while the reaction time by 50%, air consumption with JAT500 a decline of 40%. Zax-N Vice spray valve installation is most convenient for the card installed, without screws, which greatly facilitates the maintenance. It is energy-saving design of manifold-integrated solenoid valve, not only save gas, in the ultra-high speed can be stable weft insertion. Weft fabric is to ensure the quality of the most important parts. Previous feeler on the European air-jet looms are plug-in, it has the advantage of high sensitivity, weaving filaments can be competent, but also has the disadvantage that it is expensive and fragile reed, which makes the operating costs increased substantially. In order to improve the competitiveness of the loom, air-jet looms now Mythos-TEC and OMNI-plus of weft were changed before reed type, and JAT, ZAX same. ZAX series looms addition to the general's eyes feeler, there are three feeler to choose from, easy yarn detection, especially for black yarn.