Why air jet loom woven cloth weaving loom shaft than good


More and more mills to weave a better quality of phasing out Peibu shaft loom, and the choice of Qingdao loom, usually we only know that the air jet loom woven products, quality than the quality of the rapier loom better, particularly Fortunately, what you know now to share with you a few small series from the following?:

1: Good Yarn, air-jet looms much faster than rapier yarn friction in the machine table frequency is high, therefore, air-jet looms for yarn requirements will be a lot higher than the rapier .

2: cloth smooth, air-jet looms opening is relatively small, clear mission for the opening of the high demands when weaving, fabric tension is far greater, so the fabric woven out flat.

3: fewer defects, air-jet looms played only in production efficiency, the ability to control the cost of production, to ensure efficient production, will reduce the stoppage cloth, so it reduces the production of weaving defects.