The symposium on the production and operation of the national textile machinery industry in 2020 was held in Xi'an


The 2020 national textile machinery industry production and operation symposium was held in Xi'an. Gao Yong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary General of China National Textile and Apparel Council, Tian Fuhai, President of Shaanxi Textile Industry Association, Wang Shutian, Honorary President of China Textile Machinery Association, Gu Ping, Chief Engineer Li Yi, Liu Song, Zhao Xiaogang, Hou Xi, Secretary General Cong Zheng, Deputy Chief Engineer Li Xueqing and other leaders, as well as nearly 150 representatives from textile machinery enterprises and industry media attended the meeting.

Tian Fuhai pointed out in his speech that the textile industry is a traditional pillar industry in Shaanxi Province and has a long history. It has played an important role in prospering markets, exporting foreign exchange, driving employment and promoting regional economic development. In 2018, Shaanxi's textile industry had an operating income of about 45 billion yuan and a profit of 3.2 billion yuan. It produced 25,000 tons of chemical fiber, 400,000 tons of yarn, 800 million meters of cloth, and 38 million pieces of clothing. At present, Shaanxi Province has formed a textile industry system with cotton textile as the main body, including clothing, home textiles, silk, printing and dyeing, textile machinery, scientific research institutes and other supporting facilities.

In view of the current situation, Wang Shutian encouraged entrepreneurs to participate in the conference. The manufacturing industry is the foundation of a strong country. The state ’s support for the manufacturing industry will continue to increase. Facing the future, industry companies must continue to deepen structural adjustments and improve technological levels. Great efforts to gradually narrow the gap with international advanced textile machinery enterprises and improve comprehensive competitiveness. "Looking back at the past and looking to the future, we should be full of confidence!"

The conference also held group seminars on spinning, weaving, knitting, printing and dyeing, chemical fiber and non-woven. Participants on the current textile and textile machinery industry situation and problems and solutions, textile and textile machinery industry trends in 2020 and countermeasures, suggestions for the future work of the Textile Machinery Association, especially marketing activities, 2019 branch activities Other topics were discussed.