Jet looms selling point is that efficient low


Qingdao has speed air-jet looms, high efficiency, less consumption machine materials, reasonable jet weft insertion, operation simple and safe operation, etc., and because it can be used for cotton fabric, denim, Down-proof, dyed, long wool, elastic fabrics, terry toweling and other areas for the production of large quantities, the number of medium and high-density, high-quality fabric, which has been gradually recognized by the majority of users, which laid the favorable conditions for selling.

Hot air jet loom can be achieved, is no accident. Many textile companies have chosen to air jet loom mainly because it is not only capable of high-speed weaving, efficient production, but also that it has a streamline operations, reduce labor, reduce energy consumption potential. After years of development, textile machinery manufacturing enterprises in this regard is also designed to achieve some results, such as weaving in order to improve the speed of the device, rack manufacturers redesigned, thickening of the wall of the box-shaped structure, to minimize rack height, increase rigidity, fashion textile rack for equipment to improve the speed of the foundation.