How to start the air jet loom?


Air jet loom is a shuttleless loom that uses jet air to draw the weft through the shed. The working principle is to use air as the weft insertion medium to draw the weft yarns with the compressed air jets to generate frictional traction, take the weft yarns through the shed, and achieve the purpose of weft insertion through the jet generated by the air jet.

1. Regular maintenance

1. Daily maintenance and handling. Maintenance workers need to process the machine's electric oil pump, centralized oil supply, main motor heat dissipation part, open cam box input shaft, electromagnetic brake, weft feeler, scissors, selvedge, temple and edge catching yarn Perform daily maintenance.

2. Maintenance and treatment when the machine is turned on. Check whether the temple ring rotates flexibly, whether it is worn, whether there are flying flowers, whether the gap between the yarn stop pin and the main drum is 0.5 mm, whether the air pipe is leaking, whether the centralized oil supply is leaking, the oil pipe Whether there is any damage or bending, whether there are flying flowers accumulated in the control box, confirm whether the height error of the heald frame is within 2mm, whether the exhaust pipe of the air filter is unblocked, whether there are flying flowers on the pinion of the warp beam, and the bevel gear shaft of the opening device Whether there is yarn end, whether the screen on the oil filter is blocked, whether the yarn end is wound on the let-off and the let-off shaft, whether the wire insulation sleeve is damaged, and whether the brake gap is correct. Add oil to the oil nozzle, add oil to the tooth surface of the open gear and chain, and check whether the heald frame and heald frame guide plate are worn.

3. The half-year maintenance and treatment need to check whether the winding yarn is clean, whether there are yarn marks and scars on the main drum and pin drum, whether the inside of the yarn stop pin assembly is dirty, whether the open wire rope is stretched or damaged, and whether the return spring There is damage, whether the bearing of the open wire rope connection seat is worn out. Whether the tension of each belt is appropriate, whether there is damage, whether each sensor is working normally, the transmission gear box, the winding gear box, and the gear box are sent to replace the lubricating oil, remove the iron filings on the open cam box magnet, and whether the filter mesh Blockage, whether the reed is stained with dirt, whether the wind speed value is normal, whether the wear of the U-shaped bushing of the pull hook is within 2mm, whether the main nozzle guide is bent, whether the winding roller chain is stretched, whether the planetary gear tooth gap is normal , Whether the wear of the planetary tube seat bushing is within 0.5mm, whether the wear of the planetary tube shaft is within 0.5mm, whether the wear of the planetary tube bushing is within 0.5mm, whether the auxiliary nozzle has yarn marks, whether Bending, whether there is oil in the scissors device, etc.

4. One-year maintenance and treatment. Whether the screws of the main nozzle feet are loose, you need to re-tighten the screws.

5. Check whether the take-up roller, pressing roller and rough rubber are worn in two years, whether the abrasion of the warp beam is within 0.3mm, whether the buffer performance is reduced, nylon bushing and buffer guide Whether the pin is worn, whether the auxiliary nozzle is dirty, whether the scissors device on the yarn supply side can cut the weft correctly, whether the thread stop pin hole of the stop pin assembly is worn, whether it is within 0.5mm, and the warp part of the winding roll Whether the wear is within 0.5mm.

6. Maintenance and treatment at three years. Whether the solenoid valve lubricating oil is insufficient and whether the take-up roll rotates flexibly.

7. Overhaul in seven years Including the overhaul of various bearings, oil seals, gears, cams, bushings, yarn stop pins, main motors and frames, openings, warp let-off, take-up, and weft feeders.

2. Contents and precautions that each organization needs to preserve after long-term use of the loom

(1) Main driving part: After long-term use of the loom, the oil seal of the crankshaft bearing seat of the driving part needs to be replaced.

(2) Opening part: It is necessary to replace the cam opening arm bearing, steel wire rope, return spring, and return arm bearing.

(3) Synchronous toothed belt replacement and oil filter cleaning.

(4) Clean the reed regularly.

(5) Replacement of internal parts of the length measuring and weft storage drum, replacement of internal parts of the yarn stop pin, and cleaning of the encoder.

(6) Main nozzle cleaning, filter cleaning, cleaning and repairing of solenoid valve and pressure regulating valve, inspection and configuration of air pipe.

(7) Servo motor maintenance and replacement, buffer maintenance and internal parts replacement.

(8) Check and replace the coiling brake roller, chain, tensioner wheel, adjusting pin, and maintain and replace the friction plate and disc. Inspection and replacement of rough rubber.

(9) Check and replace the selvedge planetary gears, bobbin bearings, yarn guide arm shafts, and couplings.

(10) Check and replace the weft-finding cable.

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