Modern jet looms automatic control system analysis 2020-03-18

Modern jet looms with its high-speed, high-quality, high efficiency, high level of automation monitoring "four high" characteristics,

Wastewater treatment water jet loom small coup 2020-03-18

Qingdao water jet loom production line by the plant discharged wastewater sewers, brought together to regulate cell mounted grille,

How do energy-saving air-jet looms 2020-02-27

Non-woven fabrics are mainly gripper loom, water jet loom, air jet loom, rapier. Among them, the projectile weaving machine energy consumption

Textile machinery sprinkler Main features 2020-02-20

Qingdao Jindefeng Textile Machinery Co.,Ltds a high-pressure water and sustenance of friction between the yarns,to launch high-speed RESOLVED shed to

Qingdao Jindefeng Textile Machinery Co.,Ltd 2019-03-18

Qingdao Jindefeng Textile Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional textile machinery manufacturing enterprise integrated on R&D,mechanical design,